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Focusea works on my brain chemistry needs. I love that each tablet contains many good ingredients for the brain and body. Now I am more active, follow my schedule and I can notice a difference in my brain function. If you are graduate student and have trouble focusing in class, study and final exams then give it a try.


I’m 73 years old and retired. I’ve used Oysrelax for 60 days now. I feel more rested when waking up, which is a huge change. I feel more active and energetic for my routines. I also started using Focuse for about 2 weeks. My short-term memory is better because I can remember my shopping list without constantly referring to my notes.


I really do feel the impact of Focusea on my mind and focus. My doctor has recommended Herbsea brand. First time I tried it, I was surprised it did work for me. I’ve been taking it for about 50 days now and would love to continue taking it. I could see a difference when I took Focusea. I recommend trying, it really works.


My memory abilities are getting down in my 68 of life. My friend, she is nurse, advised Focusea by her own experience. YES, IT WORKS. I feel much better remembering and more clearly, without side effects yet. Focusea is an organic medication, made from seaweeds and algae, and it looks like it works well for elder people. It is expensive, but it works. I tried many medicines to help with memory problem. They either did not help me or had side effects with my health conditions. Based on my experience over 4 months, I recommend this product.


My husband bought Focusea for me. Our pharmacist recommended it. I started taking it and after three days, my husband could see awesome results. My knees are much better, and my back is better than it’s ever been in years. My digestion is better, I sleep better, and I have more energy. After the bottle was nearly finished, I ordered another one. My husband saw such an improvement in me over the first month that he started taking it, too! I would urge anyone to try it. See if it helps you or a loved one. I’m not a doctor, but I am very glad that it’s working for me.


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